Types of Vapes

Types of Vapes


There are two basic styles of vaping and the category you fit into is down to personal preference.


Mouth to lung vaping is where the vape is drawn into the mouth first and then pulled into the lungs in a second motion. Vaping devices that are suited to this style have a tighter draw that simulates the drag of a cigarette. They also tend to run lower watts as high watts are not necessary for mouth to lung vaping. The advantages of mouth to lung vaping is that the style more closely resembles cigarette smoking so these devices are great for people wanting to swap to vaping but still retain the feeling of inhaling a cigarette. This style is also great if you’re wanting to be a little more inconspicuous while you vape as the vapour production is minimal compared to a straight to lung style vape.


Straight to lung vaping has risen in popularity since the invention of electronic cigarettes. Although people do smoke cigarettes straight to lung a straight to lung vape tends to have much more airflow and can produce huge amounts of vapour! Because the devices product more vapour per drag you will need to have lower amounts of nicotine or it will result in a harsh vape. We recommend 6mg nicotine level max for straight to lung kits. An advantage of straight to lung vape is much better flavour from your tank and massive clouds if that’s what you’re into!


If you have some more burning questions relating to the above, or if you just want to have a chat about your best vape option then reach out to our friendly team here!

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  1. Kelly

    I am quitting smoking and want a beginners vape kit which is easy to use and recharge with juices that are low nicotine. Less than 20 or certainly no more than 20.
    What do you recommend ?

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